Go Kidz Go is all the things kids love! England's most thrilling indoor play-ground, for kids up to 16 years old, filled with obstacle courses, bridges, nets, mazes and featuring the unique ‘Skyrider’ aerial runway a purpose built rocket that allows kids to"ride the skies". Go Kidz Go is an indoor wonderland, where kids can spend hours of adventure and exploration, an action packed experience….filled with jumping, crawling, sliding, climbing, bouncing and much much more.
Experience the spooky room (if you dare), climb the snake tree, cross the swinging bridge (if you can), accept the roller challenge, fly through the air on the Skyrider aerial runway and much much more, it's a place where children 16 and under can spend their boundless energy….and explore their unlimited potential . Go Kidz Go play events encourage safe, interactive fun where kids can let their imaginations run wild in a positive family environment, and to top everything off adults are allowed to play alongside their children, making it a truly great day out for all the family.
Having fun is important at Go Kidz Go but one of our top priorities is safety. Our play equipment is specially designed with safety in mind. Also each play area is supervised by our staff of play monitors. These trained professionals ensure worry-free playtime for the kids.